A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

The year-old ultramarathoner is a marijuana user, just not the stereotypical couch-locked stoner living on junk food and video games. Avery says that eating cannabis edibles before and during a run, instead of slowing him down, as one might think, actually enhances the experience. Currently, the World Anti-Doping Agency lists marijuana as a banned substance in competitions, and many high-profile marathons test runners for pot. Which raises the question:

A nervous system stimulant and appetite suppressant. To treat hyperactive children, sleep disorders and depression.

A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

To increase energy and focus. Possible Negative Side Effects: Restlessness, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, nerve damage, tremors, impotence, hallucinations, increased blood pressure.

Restricted to prescription use only since Barry Bonds baseball player: Intested positive for amphetamines. A second positive test earns a 25 game suspension, a third positive test results in an game suspension and a fourth nets a lifetime ban.

Jason Giambi baseball player: Init was reported that he failed a drug test for amphetamines. He was subjected to counseling and increased testing. To increase muscle strenth and promote muscle growth. Acne, infertility, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, liver damage, increased aggression.

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He was not disciplined. Marion Jones track athlete: Inshe was sentenced to six months in prison for perjury relating to her initial denial of both her steroid use and her involvement in a check-fraud scam.

He has not been disciplined. Bill Romanowski football player: Gary Sheffield baseball player: Ephedrine Ephedra, Ma Huang What is it? A chemical compound derived from the herb ephedra. Used as a decongestant and for temporary relief of asthma and bronchitis.Athletes who use blood doping to increase their performance will have a higher red blood cell density.

This can be detected by testing the athlete's levels of hemoglobin (protein which causes. Legalisation of the use of drugs in sport might even have some advantages. The boundary between the therapeutic and ergogenic - i.e., performance enhancing - use of drugs is blurred at present and poses difficult questions for the controlling bodies of antidoping practice and for sports doctors.

A debate about the increasing use of drugs by sportsmen and sportswomen to increase performance

“In one study, we found that the increase of feelings of wellbeing in patients was tightly correlated to levels of anandamide in their bloodstream. So we started talking about anandamide as a.

The Gender Equality Debate; A Boost for Women in Sport I am a big believer in gender equality and passionate about equal rights, equal pay and equal recognition, not only when it comes to our female athletes, but for women in general.

Sport should accept inevitable and legalise use of drugs and those that increase power. Where performance consists almost entirely of the possession of one of these two characteristics, the.

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Drugs and Cheating in Sport: Ethical Issues. But it appears that drug use increased in the s. The precise reason for the increase is uncertain, but we do know that anabolic-androgenic steroids were made available for sale during this period and the East German government began giving drugs to its athletes in an attempt to excel on an.

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