An introduction to the life of marcus aurelius

Roman marble bust, Antonine Period, A. Introduction Marcus Aurelius c.

An introduction to the life of marcus aurelius

Roman marble bust, Antonine Period, A. Introduction Marcus Aurelius c. He is considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. Although, perhaps not a first-rank or original philosopher, his "Meditations" remain revered as a literary monument and as a succinct statement of Stoic philosophy.

Looked at as a series of practical philosophical exercises intended to digest and put into practice philosophical theory, his works have had a profound influence over the centuries.

Life Marcus Aurelius was born on 26 April A. His father was Marcus Annius Verus of Spanish origin, served as a praetor and died when Marcus was just three years old ; his mother was Domitia Lucilla from a wealthy family of consular rank.

An introduction to the life of marcus aurelius

He had no brothers and just one sister, Annia Cornificia Faustina, who was about two years younger than he. He was made a member of the equestrian order when he was six. Marcus Aurelius received an education from some of the greatest scholars of his day: He was an intelligent, serious-minded and hardworking youth, and at quite an early age he became fond of the "Diatribai" "Discourses" of Epictetusan important moral philosopher of the Stoic school.

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He also started to have an increasing public role at the side of Antoninus, holding the position of consul three times in A. When he married, he took the name Marcus Annius Verus.

An introduction to the life of marcus aurelius

When Antoninus Pius died in A. During his reign, Marcus Aurelius was almost constantly at war with various peoples outside the empire, and having joint emperorship was probably a practical boon as well: Verus was authoritative enough to command the full loyalty of the troops, but already powerful enough that he had little incentive to try to overthrow Marcus Aurelius, and he remained loyal until his death during a pandemic of smallpox or measles while on campaign in A.

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As Emperor, he continued on the path of his predecessors by issuing numerous law reforms, and maintaining the status of Christians as legally punishable, although rarely persecuted in practice. The war with the revitalized Parthian Empire in Asia was essentially won by the end of the A.

Together with his wife, Faustina, Marcus Aurelius toured the eastern provinces until A. He also established four Chairs of Philosophy in Athens, one for each of the principal philosophical traditions of the time Platonic, AristotelianStoic and Epicurean.

After a triumph in Rome the following year, he marched again to the Danubian frontier, and a plan to annex Bohemia seemed poised for success after a decisive victory in A. Marcus Aurelius died on 17 March A.

His campaigns against the Germans and Sarmatians were also commemorated by a column in Rome. He had named his son, Commodus, as Caesar in A.Marcus Aurelius was born in Spain on 26 April CE to an aristocratic patrician family.

Early Life

His birth name was Marcus Annius Verus, after his father of the same name. The Life of Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius was born into an aristocratic family in Rome in AD.

His uncle was Titus Aurelius Antoninus (Hadrian’s successor, the emperor Antoninus Pius), who was adopted by Hadrian, after his earlier choice of successor died suddenly.

Marcus Aurelius on How to Act and Four Habits of Thought to Eliminate — Marcus Aurelius, writing in Meditations, offers four habits of thought to eliminate. Marcus Aurelius: Debts and Lessons — Marcus Aurelius, in book one of Debts and Lessons, explores the lessons he learned from those closest to him.

The early life of Marcus Aurelius spans the time from his birth on 26 April until his accession as Roman emperor on 7 March He became an adherent of Stoicism at a young age.

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He was adopted in by Antoninus Pius, himself the adopted heir of Emperor Hadrian. Hadrian died later that year and was succeeded by Antoninus Pius.

Aug 21,  · Watch video · Marcus Aurelius also continued his philosophical studies and developed an interest in law. Along with his burgeoning career, Marcus Aurelius seemed to have acontented personal life.

He married Faustina, the emperor’s daughter, in Marcus Aurelius, originally Marcus Annius Verus, was the son of the Spanish Annius Verus, who had received patrician rank from Emperor Vespasian, and Domitia Calvilla or Lucilla.

Marcus' father died when he was three months old, at which time his grandfather adopted him.

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