Communication and partnership working 1

Working in the voluntary sector Week 7:

Communication and partnership working 1

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Barriers to Partnership Working. For Professionals. The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, UK

Get Access Use and develop systems that promote communication Essay Sample 1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role 1. The people that I deal with on a daily basis are staff, residents, relatives and multi disciplinary team members.

The ways in which I communicate are by e. The age range is from yrs. Some of these people may have sight, hearing or speech difficulties and find it hard to communicate. Some staff have difficulties reading or writing e. Many of our staff come from other countries, one of our residents is French.

It primarily involves passing and receiving information between two or more places in order to achieve something. I find it helpful to check that you or others have understood what is trying to be communicated.

I ask for clarification if any areas are unclear. I ask for the message or instructions to be re read or repeated back to me for secondary clarification if in any doubt. I feel that if you are passionate and enthused in your manner, people are much more likely to be interested in you and what your are saying.

Thus being much more likely in following what you ask. I try to be approachable and give time to others to respond to me.

I am clear about details e. I like to be firm and focused and organised, people will naturally listen and be more inclined to follow someone knowledgeable and appearing to be in control and those that show an interest in the team around them.

I try not be defensive, listen to others and give constructive feedback where needed either in planned sessions or ad hoc if the situation allows. I like to give praise and gratitude where appropriate and involve people in decision making processes when applicable e.

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I know that as humans, people like to feel important and be involved. I feel it is important to be professional and lead by example and treat others as you wish to be treated. I aim to keep up to date on current affairs and policies and procedures in order to work in line with current best practice.

These needs change regularly and need to be managed safely and effectively. Time can be a barrier as the environment is often very busy and fast paced.

Stress at work or home can hamper your mood and your ability to concentrate. Staffing levels and skill mixes can increase complications with communication especially when new.

Language and cultural barriers can crop up as many of our staff come from different countries. Many of our residents, staff and visitors have speech, reading, writing and hearing difficulties which can cause issues at times.

Sometimes people make assumptions about other people or the situation at hand and can lead to mis communication. A lack of personal or organisational planning can lead to difficulties as people do not understand their role or direction of the service.

Poorly trained or inexperienced managers and senior staff can hamper effective communication. Resources not being available or not working correctly such as telephone and computer systems. My strategy to overcome barriers is to be open and honest in my approach.Effective communication skill 1: Become an engaged listener When communicating with others, we often focus on what we should say.

However, effective communication is . What do we mean by ‘working in partnership’? It is particularly important to develop good, ongoing communications with public services stakeholders – in policing, health, education, social care and local government for example – and voluntary organisations, from churches to neighbourhood action groups, who help get things done in.

Partnership working is required by government as an approach to ensure better relationships between central and local government and the third sector, or indeed between the statutory sector and the third sector in localities. Unit Working in partnership in Health and Social care or children and young people’s settings Outcome 1 Identify the features of effective partnership working A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups, organizations or individuals who work together to achieve common aims or who have common interests.

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Communication and partnership working 1

Barriers to partnership working. Partnership working is usually a lengthy process. The team will usually go through the stages of team formation that you read about earlier, but with added layers of complexity.

Communication. Differences between organisations potentially create communication problems.

Effective Communication: Improving Communication Skills in Your Work and Personal Relationships