Customer relationship management in banks thesis

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Customer relationship management in banks thesis

July 29, ; Accepted: October 16, ; Published: Studies have also been carried out regionally and globally to explore and to study the relationship between various variable s with employees turnover.

These studied variables includes occupational content Salahudin et al.

Customer relationship management in banks thesis

This is according to the report from the World Bank on the situation in the developing countries. Employees turnover is costly to all level of organizations regardless of its nature and usually the productivity and quality of the products or services are always negatively affected.

Ali has quoted that tremendous impact on direct and indirect cost can be resulted from high employees turnover and this would brings destruction to the organizations. Direct costs are referring to costs such as expenditures incurred on the selection, recruitment, induction and training of new employees Staw, Indirect costs are referred to cost of learning, reduced morale and pressure on the existing employees Dess and Shaw, In addition, high employees turnover will jeopardize the progress on achieving organization pre-determined objectives and goals.

Leadership issues have always been a widely discussed topic. It had raised interest and attracted the attention of many historians, philosophers, researchers or scholars who wish to explore the true meaning of leadership Bass, Burns also stated that leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth Awan and Mahmood, Leadership is one of the critical and important factors in enhancing an organizational performance Riaz and Haider, Leaders in any organization are expected to carry out tasks with limited resources to the maximum level in order to maintain the competitive edge and to sustain profitability position of the organization Riaz and Haider, Leadership was also quoted by various researchers as the major elements in order to preserve and improve an organization competitive advantage among its competitor Zhu et al.

According to Kotterleadership is about setting a direction or developing a vision of the future together with the necessary strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve this vision.

Leadership therefore is an important element for the success of an organization, regardless of its nature of activities, profit or charity orientated, private or government linked organizations.

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Leadership styles Transformational leadership: Transformational leadership was first coined by Downton as well as cited by Northouse Transformational leadership is one of the more popular approaches to leadership that has been focused by many researchers since early s Northouse, Transformational leaderships are defined as: Transformational leadership is expected to be able to provide a clear vision and mission, inspire self-esteem and gain trust and respect through charisma Bass, Bass further highlighted that a transformational leader would asks his or her subordinates to go beyond self-interest for the benefit of the team, organization as well as society.

Furthermore, this type of leaders will take serious consideration on the long term need for self-improvement and development over short term or current needs.

Transactional leadership focuses and emphasizes on completion and accomplishing of allocated tasks on hand. This type of leader maintains and preserves harmony working relationships coupled with promises on rewards for satisfactory performance Dessler and Starke, Furthermore, this leadership focused on leader-follower exchanges in which followers or subordinates are expected to carry out his or her duty and perform according to the given instruction.

The followers in turn with expectation that they will be compensated positively in line with the result generated by them.Master Thesis Strategic Management MSc, B. Keijzers II The Relationship between Organizational Culture Differences and Employee Performance in Mergers.

This paper attempts an empirical examination of the practicality of strategic management accounting (SMA) adoption in banks in Nigeria, a developing country. Thesis On Customer Relationship Management In Banking Sector thesis on customer relationship management in banking sector thesis on customer relationship management in banking sector Salesforce is an easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management).

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This is absolute rubbish. PMI is a waste of time. I have lead over 40 Projects in SAP Globally and implemented PS in SAP at large facilities. thesis on customer relationship management in banking sector Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector | Customer Relationship Management in Banking /10().

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