Essay on the importance of understanding cultural ethnic and gender differences

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Essay on the importance of understanding cultural ethnic and gender differences

How to Write a Summary of an Article? All the players involved in the movie are: The low-context cultures prefer to use low-context messages, where the majority of the information is vested in the explicit code.

An example of high-context communication; is when the two black carjackers interpret the same meaning and gestures in all their actions. Their actions do not need to be discussed explicitly because they both act the same and carry the shared understanding based on their relationship.

She harasses him on how she needs every statement to be precise and all his actions to be accounted for. She is looking for his every move to be overt and very explicit because she immediately judges his performance and morale on his race.

His findings have provided an excellent synthesis of the relationships between cultural values and social behaviors, which are identifiable throughout this movie. Power distance is one dimension believed to be most present throughout the movie Crash.

One basic concern to all cultures is the issue of human inequality and knowing that all people in a culture do not have equal levels of status or social power. A persons power and social status depends more upon their culture and things such as; wealth, age, gender, education, physical strength, etc.

Power distance is extremely visible in this movie as far as each race having their individual degree of institutional and organizational power, and how to distribute it. For example, when the two Caucasian cops pull the black film maker and his wife over after leaving a work party and are blatantly playing the authority card based on their race and job description.

The one racist white cop violates the black woman right in front of her husband for no apparent reason, while the husband is made to feel that if he makes one move he will be punished for his actions.

He has his daughter with him to help translate and pick the right weapon. She storms off to the kitchen where she looks up to see the locksmith starring at her with a look of shame.

He walks to her counter, drops the spare sets down and expects nothing from her, feels no room to express his feelings to her assumptions. Because of his race he is immediately seen by the dominant race as being untrustworthy and sneaky.

In this stage, a person has learned to develop ways of dealing with stereotypes and discrimination as well as being clear about the personal meanings of their culture.

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Throughout this film, it is justifiable through all the characters actions and perceived self-identity that all three stages are experienced by everyone.

A good example is the two black carjackers, in the beginning they questionable as to why their appearance caused them to wait over an hour to eat at a restaurant…they were paying customers like everyone else.

Essay on the importance of understanding cultural ethnic and gender differences

Cultural similarity and fluency allows different cultures to reduce that cultural bias aspect that many of us suffer from when interacting with people of a different race or culture.

This film indicates how each culture is so self- involved with their own beliefs and cultural patterns that they all seem as if they are unfamiliar with different cultures surrounding them. This is not the truth though. Although, there are several different scenarios in the movie where interracial mixes are seen working together such as; the black and Latino police detectives, the Caucasian attorney working with the police white and black about their car being stolen.

Because the culture provides predictability, it reduces the threat of the unknown. This in turn led them both to steal the car because it was expected of their race to steal. Nonverbal communication can send messages to the receiver just as loud and clear as any verbal communication message.

Nonverbal messages can work to either complement or contradict the intended verbal message. They also help maintain the back-and-fourth sequencing of conversations, which function to regulate the interaction. Nonverbal messages can also work to substitute for the verbal channel by replacing verbal words.

An example of nonverbal and verbal message in the film is a message of action that expresses emotion as well as specific information; How the racist white cop unprofessionally conducted himself after pulling the black Buddhist film maker and his wife over for a traffic violation.

He physically man-handled and shamefully performed his search on the wife up against the vehicle. He aggressively communicated that he was in charge and he can do what he wants Wolfe, Another example of nonverbal and verbal communication is toward the end of the movie where the young white cop picks up the young black boy hitchhiking and they begin to discuss where the black guy has been, seeing how he was covered in dirt and visible blood spots.

The white off duty cop continuously looks him over for evidence, when the boy starts laughing out loud about the statue that was sitting on the cops dashboard. The cop kept asking what was wrong and as the boy went to reach inside his pocket, the cop grew nervous, grabbed for his gun, and shot the boy.

Only to realize that the boy was carrying the same statue that was sitting on the cops dashboard Wolfe, The film Crash, is a remarkable, must see film with bravery and honesty in showing fear, prejudice and the dismembered society that people live in. It truly expresses the characters in a way that they are able to see the ugliness inside them as well as others who work to redeem themselves after realizing their cultural beliefs and ways.

This movie is socially important in teaching its viewers the meaning and emotions behind the lives people realistically walk through on a daily basis. It teaches the importance of understanding cultural identity and working through cultural bias.According to Tepperman and Curtis (), “Socialization is accomplished by many different variables; including ethnicity, family structure, gender, environment and birth order” (p.

58). Socialization perpetuates culture so therefore individuals are affected by socialization and culture in .

Essay on the importance of understanding cultural ethnic and gender differences

Understanding gender and cultural differences within the context of spiritual/religious issues has implications for counseling theory, training for counselors and over-all effectiveness of practicing mental health professionals (Fukuyama & Sevig, ).

Understanding Cultural Differences in the Work Place Spring Session B Professor Davis 5/6/ Chamberlain College Of Nursing The importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professionals in a business setting is essential to make the work environment comfortable.

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Appreciation for Human Differences

The importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professional in a business setting. For instance a business organization may hire either male or female professionals - depending on business interests and prefer.

Question: What is the importance of understanding cultural, ethnic, and gender differences by managers and what is the importance of understanding cultural, ethnic, and gender differences by managers and professionals in a business setting.

be specific and detailed.

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