Mini case studies on advertising

Unlike traditional car insurance advertising that took a serious tone and focused on accidents, GEICO spots were lighthearted and humorous.

Mini case studies on advertising

Giantnerd Case Study Link Giantnerd ran 12 Facebook Ads campaigns in order to boost awareness and communication from its customers. They also desired new user sign-ups, conversions, orders, and visit value coming from the Giantnerd Facebook Page.

The company puts out Facebook Ads targeting its to year-old demographic. Gonuts With Donuts Case Study Link Gonuts with Donuts is a restaurant that offers an array of different flavored donuts in different shapes and sizes.

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The company is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Jinasena targeted people who might be interested in his donuts in Colombo. HauteLook Case Study Link HauteLook wanted to connect to its customers past email, and they believed Facebook was an opportune platform.

They also decided to have a Facebook fan exclusive sale. The company ran different types of Facebook ads to test different areas. They were able to reach a lot of customers by targeting people with certain keywords in their likes and interests. The brand does, however, have a small emphasis Mini case studies on advertising the demographic to year-olds with a slight lean towards men.

The brand was looking to revitalize itself with a new image and decided to team up with the Norwegian Rock-Paper-Scissors Championships. The brand ran event, poll, and ordinary ads focusing on the Norwegian 20 to 35 years old demographic.

The Facebook ads were clicked nearly 9, times Sales increased 4. The coupon being offered to fans increased in savings the more fans the page garnered.

The company ran two sets of Premium and Marketplace Ads for a week at a time advertising the coupon. They targeted people with healthy living keywords in their interests or likes and women aged 18 and older.

Healthy Choice Canada ran three Reach Block advertisements. The first was a general informational ad. The second and third offered coupons and savings on Healthy Choice products in Canada.

Mini case studies on advertising

The company launched a competition asking fans to upload pictures of their babies. The top 60 photos would be placed on 10 Hong Kong buses. Huggies used an array of advertising medias for this competition, including Facebook ads targeted to a specific demographic. In the company decided to establish a presence in social media in order to develop relationships with current and potential Hyundai owners in New Zealand.

Hyundai then used the characteristics of responders to these ads to specify their target audience for the next round of ads.

OverNew Zealanders were reached by the ads. Over 20, unique engagements created by the ads.

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Jim Beam Through targeting a key group of people on Facebook, Results: Jim Bean was able to increase their likes overin six weeks. The brand promoted its page and its event through Facebook Reach Block Premium Ads targeting Malaysian males above the legal drinking age.

They also ran a contest on the page where fans could take a picture of themselves on a stylish night out and submit the photo along with words as to why they should be invited to the exclusive race party.

The winners would win four tickets to the party.

105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies

It wanted to increase the size of its community on Facebook and increase the engagement happening on the Facebook page.Case Study: MINI Cooper Project Challenge MINI Cooper’s popular family of automobiles wanted to introduce their newest member, the ‘Clubman’, to American consumers with a non-traditional, high impact approach sure to generate.

Learn from inspiring case studies. Whether you’re a small business or global brand, you’ll learn how others achieved real results with Facebook marketing. What is the value of using testimonials or mini-case studies across a variety of business and industries in IBM's integrated marketing communications campaigns.

Case Study 4 Tricia Pineda,Jami Napolitani,Katie Gamsky,Ashley Nguyen. Brands, agencies, and Facebook themselves have been very helpful in publishing several Facebook advertising case studies.

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In fact Facebook has dozens out there on the web in various places. The company’s “Mini Birthday Donuts” campaign received over 11 million impressions in . Mini-case Study: Nike’s “Just Do It” Advertising Campaign According to Nike company lore, one of the most famous and easily recognized slogans in advertising history was coined at a meeting of Nike’s ad agency Wieden and Kennedy and a group of Nike employees.

Dan Weiden, speaking admiringly of Nike’s can-do attitude. Bank of tactical mini cases and suggested approaches to problems Case Study – Beckett Organics John Beckett enjoys vegetables, so much so that he has given up his full-time job as a .

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