Pharmacy business plan uk template

You will not find a better solution as specific, as detailed, and as automated. Enter some main assumptions, and start entering your financial data into the clearly marked cells. Use it for a pharmacy business plan but also for ongoing monitoring of your pharmacy business. Validation checks for data consistency.

Pharmacy business plan uk template

Pharmacy Regulations NHS England is responsible for administering opening hours for pharmacies, which is handled locally by its regional offices.

pharmacy business plan uk template

A pharmacy may also have more than 40 core hours where it has made an application based on that higher number, and NHS England has agreed that application, and in this case, the pharmacy cannot amend these hours without the consent of NHS England.

A regional office may use this power to request a return, if there is any doubt about the actual opening hours. Click on a heading below for more information.

Changes to core contractual hours Pharmacies wishing to amend the distribution of their core contractual hours must apply to NHS England. It is vital to the success of an application to set out sufficient information about any changes to the needs of people who may use the pharmacy.

pharmacy business plan uk template

Where core contractual hours are amended, there is still the requirement to open for the same required number of core contractual hours during the week — so applying to close on one day, or to close early will necessitate an increase in core hours on another day that week.

If the pharmacy normally opens for more than its core hours i. The appeals process can be lengthy, so additional time should be allowed, in case this is needed. The Primary Care Appeals service formerly the Family Health Services Appeal Unita part of NHS Resolution, could grant or refuse the application and it is important to note that until NHS England or on appeal to the Primary Care Appeals has granted an application, all pharmacies are required by the Terms of Service to open for their previously stated core contractual hours.

The discretion to permit less than three months notice for changes to supplementary hours is most likely to be exercised where the pharmacy is seeking to align more closely, the pharmacy opening hours with the pharmaceutical needs in the neighbourhood — for example, if a local surgery extends its hours.

Bank Holiday opening hours A pharmacy must open to provide pharmaceutical services for its core contractual and supplementary hours each week. But, where the pharmacy would ordinarily be open on a day which is Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or a bank holiday, the hours that it would ordinarily be open will, on those days, be treated as having been open for the purpose of counting the core contractual hours that week.

This means a pharmacy that has 8 core contractual hours on Monday to Friday, will, during the week leading up to Easter, be open for 8 hours on each of Monday to Thursday making 32 hours in total, and may close on Good Friday, because the 8 hours that the pharmacy is ordinarily open on a Friday are counted towards the 40 hours requirement, irrespective of whether the pharmacy is open.


These are straightforward provisions, but the way that bank holidays are declared does cause some anomalies. In England, the days that a pharmacy will not normally be required to open are:The process to follow for community pharmacists or pharmacy technicians wanting to use the Summary Care Record (SCR) application to access the SCR, for an SCR governance person (SGP) and the things a new pharmacy need to know to get started.

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Changes to supplementary hours

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