The administrator and significant others on taking on a counselors role essay

What to do Listen reflectively to validate the client's feelings and to deescalate the situation. If the client remains angry, use these approaches: Working With Quiet, Withdrawn Clients Clients may be reluctant to participate in group therapy for many reasons.

The administrator and significant others on taking on a counselors role essay

The specific objective of the study was to find out how the school administration promotes effective Guidance and Counseling services that addresses the needs of all students including special needs learners. The study was carried out in 8 secondary schools and the education office in Bungoma West Sub- County.

The research design used was descriptive survey design.

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Purposive sampling, stratified sampling and simple random sampling techniques were used to select the study sample. The target population included school principals, teacher counselors, Education officers and students.

The sample size consisted of eight principals, eight teacher counselors, five education officers and three hundred and fourteen students. The study area was Bungoma West Sub-County.


Questionnaires, interview schedules, and observation checklist were blended together to capture exhaustive data.

Quantitative data collected was sorted, classified and analyzed using descriptive statistical techniques. Qualitative data was recorded in verbatim, transcribed and organized into themes and sub-themes. The study revealed that the school administration has a direct influence in promotion of Guidance and Counseling services in schools through appointment of heads of department to co-ordinate counseling activities as well as the counseling committee, provision of basic counseling facilities, advocacy and publicity of the services, and monitoring and evaluation.

However, it was also revealed that in many schools, the administration accords low priority to Guidance and Counseling services since many schools lacked basic facilities for Guidance and counseling like offices and reference materials, teachers in-charge of Guidance and Counseling are overloaded with their teaching subjects and emphasis is put on attainment of good mean grades.

It is recommended that there is urgent need for the school administration to prioritize counseling services of all categories of learners as they go hand in hand with holistic development of the learners.

The Ministry of Education should put disciplinary measures against school administrators who do not implement viable and sustainable Guidance and Counseling services that cater for all learners in secondary schools. This study was significant in that it would challenge the school administrators on their role in promoting guidance and counseling Key words: Counseling, Guidance, Effectiveness, School Administration.

School administrators in learning institutions have been given the mandate to establish and maintain effective Guidance and Counseling services that cater for the needs of all categories of learners including those with special needs.

However, the situation on the ground reveals that Guidance and Counseling services are not effective in many schools.

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In Kenya, the need to establish and provide Guidance and Counseling services in learning institutions goes way back to independence when the government embarked on major reforms in the education sector. This has been captured in various government policy documents, legal guidelines in education, session papers and national development plans Were, The Ominde Report recommended establishment of a Guidance and Counseling structure in schools.

The Kamunge report recommended that heads of schools were to participate in guidance and counseling and supervision of these services. The Commission of Inquiry into the Education System in Kenya TIQET, noted that Guidance and Counseling has remained very weak at all levels of the education system and that where it existed, its management and provision was far below the expectations Koech Report, Thus, a school counselor should refrain from "taking over," and instead play the consultant role.

In addition to being a good consultant, a school counselor should also use other school counselors and clinical mental health counselors as consultants.

Sep 24,  · An experienced teacher who earns a master’s degree in educational administration and a principal license can qualify for an administrative role as an assistant principal or principal. From there, a principal may advance to the position of superintendent and lead an entire school district.

The Role of the Professional School Counselor. The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs.

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Counselors need to enlist the support of family members and significant others to keep them from sabotaging treatment. Family members need advice on how to support the client in recovery and how to cease enabling behaviors.

The administrator and significant others on taking on a counselors role essay

The field requires talented people to help introduce and manage the changes taking place. In their roles, healthcare executives have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve. The positive impact school counselors can have on students Date: May 15, School counselors work with students to address an array of issues, offering everything from academic support to college and career counseling, as well as personal counseling.

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