The battle of power

Battle, aftermath and analysis. The Battle of Waterloo puts an end to the tyrant rule of Napoleon as the emperor of France. It had also marked the end of the hundred days of Napoleon from exile return. When Napoleon was returned to power inplenty of states had opposed his comeback.

The battle of power

Bruce Lee Battle that He Lost! It supposedly happened because Bruce was teaching Kung Fu to white people. A challenge was issued by the Chinese martial arts community, which probably meant Wong Jack Man by himself, or with the backing of a few friends. Ed Parker as a brown belt, James Mitose killed by student, and more… There is controversy in the challenge itself, as Wong Jack Man was one of the first Kung Fu instructors in San Francisco to open his doors to white students.

So the two men met in a Kung fu school in Oakland in late winter of This is an oddity as Linda Lee recalls 13 people being present, and Chen recalls 15 people being in attendance. The fact that there is so little recall on this simple fact bodes ill for recall on the Bruce Lee Battle itself.

The floor cleared, the two men bowed, and Wong Jack Man moved forward and extended his hand for the pre-fight handshake.

Bruce leaped forward with a quick spear hand to the eyes. Wong was surprised, but quickly settled into his classical Kung Fu mode of fighting.

Bruce, for his part, assumed a Wing chun stance. Still, though the men were in stances, Bruce was the more aggressive. He continually rushed in, kicking to the groin or striking to the eyes. He was constantly blocking and parrying and trying to get away from the dangerous eye pokes.

The battle of power

For long minutes the fight continued, Bruce unable to finish it, and Wong unable to move off the defensive. At last, the fight ended. Linda Lee claimed Wong was running, that the fight was turning into a farce. Bruce is supposed to have taken him to the floor where he pounded his head with his fist.

This is not born out by other witnesses. Linda Lee says the fight lasted three minutes. Other witnesses says it went for 20 minutes. Do you see the difficulty here? So few eyewitnesses, and yet there is wildly varying accounts from the two camps.

So, what is the truth. While this may not make please the reader, this writer thinks that this particular Bruce Lee battle went to Wong Jack Man.

There are several reasons for this. First, Linda Lee makes contradictory statements concerning the fight. This indicates a problem with memory. Second, there was a lot more agreement that the fight actually lasted 20 minutes.


Third, Wong Jack Man went to work the following day, and the only mark that he had been in a death match was a scratch under the eye, which he said he received in the opening spear hand from Bruce.

Fourth, it was Bruce who wanted the fight kept a secret, but it was Bruce who broke this agreement by talking about the fight within a couple of weeks in an interview.

Why would he want it a secret, yet be compelled to blurt it out? There is a conflict here. Not sure what it was, how deep it went, but it is Bruce Lee who was conflicted, not Wong Jack Man, who has rarely spoken of the fight, nor of Bruce Lee. Fifth, and this is the one that really speaks to me: Bruce changed his fighting style after the fight.

So why would a man change what works?

The battle of power

The truth is this, people learn from their mistakes, and that education will cause change. That said, I know people will disagree with this, and I am truly curious as to their thoughts concerning this fight and to my reasoning.

Feel free to comment below. In fact, it looks like Bruce Lee lost. At best, it might have been a draw, but that might be a good thing. After all, it gave the world the Jeet Kune Do of Bruce Lee, and that means the entire world of the martial arts has won.

If you want to know about the man who killed Kenpo Karate… click here.Bruce Lee Battle that He Lost! The Bruce Lee Battle with Wong Jack Man has become the stuff of legends, it was a wildly famous battle. There are different opinions as to who won, and people can’t even agree on how many people were there, or who they were.

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