The pros and cons of employee drug testing essay

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The pros and cons of employee drug testing essay

OccupyTheory on 3 July, at Meanwhile, the pro drug test crowd will point to work place accidents and shoddy service as symptoms of rampant employee drug usage and continue to push for the maintenance of the current testing policies.

There are even those who believe that the drug testing polices of today are not harsh enough. The anti drug testing crowd believes their bodies belong to them and that what they do in the free time in their own personal business, while the pro drug testing faction sees the tests as an inalienable employer right.

Employees With Drug Problems Receive Help Every employer that drug tests an employee does not do so because they wish to catch the employee in some sort of wrongdoing and publicly shame them with a public termination.

In many instances, a thoughtful employer will drug test an employee who has been behaving erratically, with an eye towards directing them towards the proper help that they need. Various employers do not terminate employees who fail drug tests and will instead give them the option of going to a rehabilitation facility to retain their job.

In several instances, they are recommended to an outpatient facility, so that they can continue to work while receiving treatment for their drug related issue. Reduction of Accidents Accidents tend to take place more in lax workplace environments.

An employee who is not worried about being drug tested may not work as hard and slacking off tends to be the main catalyst of many workplace accidents. Even worse, these accidents can cause severe employee injury, which can lead to cover up schemes as the employee attempts to avoid a mandatory drug test.

Employees that use drugs in their spare time tend to make their way to work in a state of mind that is unfit for the completion of their tasks. When an employer does not drug test their employees, they are also placing themselves at risk of a lawsuit when an accident takes place that incapacitates employees who were not even to blame for the incident taking place.

Increased Safety Causes Increased Productivity The safer an employee feels while they are on the job, the more productive they will be. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and even one bad apple employee can spoil the bunch.

Employees tend to see themselves as a separate entity from their employers, which fosters an us against them mentality that is unhealthy for work place morale. An employer that displays genuine concern for the safety and well being of their employee will always have more success in getting employees to reach their full potential.

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A safe work place is a happy work place and happiness equals maximum productivity. Many drug testing supporters do not even need a probable cause and see an employee as a form of property that can be treated as the employer sees fit.

An employee who is merely tired from dealing with a sick child the night before or suffers from insomnia may be forced to deal with the unwanted scrutiny that comes along with a drug test.

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The Pros and Cons of Drug Testing in the Workplace. All employers want to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Employees who come to work under the influence of illegal drugs can put themselves and others in danger.

The pros and cons of employee drug testing essay

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